The Ultimate Highest Grossing Online Mobile Games To Play

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Do you feel you want to play something different from what you are used to? Welcome to Yellow Cat Games. At Yellow Cat Games, we have been working on games development for about a decade. Whether you prefer to play free mobile games or with real money, yellow Cat Games will never disappoint. We have something for everyone. Here is a closer look at the highest grossing mobile games.

pokemongo 3

The Most Addicting Free Mobile Games

The smartphone has emerged as one of the best gaming devices. Though it might not be as powerful as consoles of the 1990s, it is the preferred gaming option because of portability and games diversity. Here are some of the most addicting free mobile games:

  • Pokemon Go: This is a fun game that involves creating frenzy characters and catching them. You will like the idea of walking through the field or wood trying to catch and fight the creatures. People also like it because they only need their android mobile phones to start playing.

  • Two Dots: All you have to do in this game is connecting lines to the adjacent dot to create the preferred structures. But you have to be on the lookout for electricity dots, flower dots, and fire dots. Note that you need to get more creative as you move from simple to advanced game levels.

  • Fire Emblem Heroes: This is the mobile version of free Fire Emblem by Nintendo. The game is very addictive because of the impressive graphics and sounds. It describes a universe that you want to visit and battle Princess Veronica’s hordes. Note that you are allowed to edit the teams with your preferred characters.


Online Gambling Industry One of the Largest Grossing Businesses

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The Top Ten Highest Grossing Multiplayer Android Games

Real-time multiplayer games have become an irresistible obsession for many people today. If you have an Android smartphone, here are the top ten highest grossing mobile games

  • Minecraft.

  • NBA Jam.

  • NOVA Legacy.

  • Old School RuneScape.

  • PUBG Mobile.

  • Supercell games.

  • Heartstone.

  • Crossy Road.

  • Critical Ops.

  • AdventureQuest 3D.


The Top Ten Highest Grossing Mobile Games for iOS

If your smartphone runs on iOS, you have not been left behind. Like Android devices, Apple smartphones and tablets also have many high grossing fun iOS games. Here are some of them:

  • Homescapes.

  • Fortnite.

  • Clash of Clans.

  • Game of Thrones.

  • Pokemon GO.

  • Poblox.

  • Clash Royale.

  • Toy Blast.

  • Rise of Kingdoms.

  • Coin Master.


The Most Underrated

New Competitive Online Games

The gaming niche is evolving rather fast. With so many games hitting the market these days, it is virtually impossible to give attention to all of them. Indeed, the advent of games-as-a-service has accelerated the process of relegating some games. Here is a closer look at the most underrated new competitive online games.


  • This is one of the highest grossing mobile gamesthat no one is interested in. It has an impressive list of features as well as buzzwords that are likely to arouse interest of gaming enthusiasts. These include dungeon crawler, roguelike, job system, and skills. Despite this and regular updates, few appear interested.

The Bard’s Tale 4

  • When this game was announced, most gaming enthusiasts waited with bated breath. However, gamers run into performance and bug issues that deflected them away from the game. Though the bugs of the game have been fixed and it is running well, the memories of the poor performance at launch still make most players opt to stay away.

Forgotten Ann

  • Forgotten Ann:Although this game comes with impressive art that was inspired by Ghibli Studio, the running and jumping are not impressive and have made players to seek alternatives. However, it has impressive puzzles and beautiful animation. It is indeed one of the best games although few are noticing.

If you fancy playing online games, there are numerous options for the games of your choice. Whether you want to play the highest grossing mobile games or the ones that have been underrated for so long, you are spoilt for choice. One other type of game that has seen a rise in popularity on mobile platforms is gambling casino games. They come with sleek and easily accessible apps and offer anything a regular casino site does. Try any game or place sports bets with this 200% matched deposit bonus from Betway Casino. Remember to only select the game that is compatible with your smartphone.