About Yellow Cat Games

Yellow Cat Games is a indie company founded by Herry Yohanes on around June 2006. He named the company Yellow Cat Games because he got around 30 cats (he lost count actually and no, not all of them have yellow fur 😛 ) in his place. Herry was always wanted to made his own games since he was around 9 years old, now he fulfilled it and he will continue to do that until old and retire ^________^


Yellow Cat Games Staff List

  • Lead Programmer : Herry Yohanes
  • Lead Game Designer : Herry Yohanes
  • Lead Web Management : Herry Yohanes
  • Lead Marketing : Herry Yohanes
  • Lead Tester, Artist, UI Designer & Consultant : Christin Nyata
  • Programmer, Game Designer : Michael Sugiarto
  • Freelance Artist : Yen Yen
  • Freelance Artist : Wenart
  • Tester : Ayas

Some of my cat pictures