Best Mobile Games

  1. The gardens between

A true ode to friendship, The Gardens Between is, without doubt, one of the best games of the moment on iPhone and iPad. Already known and appreciated by PC and console players when it was released last year, this little masterpiece benefits from a mobile version welcome, without distorting the initial version.

The Gardens Between tells the story that unites Arina and Frendt, two friends who recollect their memories. But this discussion turns into a real journey into the past where each fragment of memory transforms into an imaginary world populated by riddles and monsters. From here comes a quest that is both poetic and unforgettable.

  1. Very Little Nightmares

Conceived as a virtual cabinet of curiosities when it was released in 2017 on consoles, the Little game Nightmares is now available in a redesigned version for smartphones. Named for the occasion Very Little Nightmares, this game invites you to immerse yourself in a universe that Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, directors of the City of Lost Children (1995), would not deny.

There is still a little girl in yellow oilcloth immersed in a terrifying world where children are sequestered by monsters. A horror game with a more childish atmosphere than its consoles, Very Little Nightmares puts our brains to the test to solve its exciting puzzles.

  1. The elder scrolls: Blades

Adored by role-playing fans for 25 years now, The Elder Scrolls has an impressive spin-off on mobiles and tablets. Subtitled Blades, this one again invites you to explore the cold lands of Tamriel. From the sorcerer to the Knight, passing through the elves, the creatures are drawn from this universe of heroic fantasy compete or help each other to discover treasures and secrets.

Oriented in its gameplay and thought to exploit the verticality of smartphone screens, The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a real success from Bethesda. The title skillfully takes advantage of this universe to offer a staggering nomadic experience.

  1. Photographs

Pixel art, so dear to nostalgic gamers, has become an artistic trend in its own right and is at the heart of Photographs, a conceptual adventure game. It is imagined and designed by a single man, Luca Redwood, this new title shares five stories over thirty minutes each. However, the author brings here an astonishing mixture to the narration, marrying puzzles and shots.

In concrete terms, each sketch shows a picture dotted with 2D details that must be explored with a virtual camera. Each cliché then gives rise to a short riddle, before revealing a new chapter in history. Original, Photographs is a soothing and successful game.

  1. Powernode

Because supplying an entire city with electricity is a real headache, the creators of Powernode were amused to take this observation at face value. Based on a simplified scheme, this mobile game invites the development of increasingly complex electrical networks by making “nodes” (nodes) that allow energy to be redistributed in the right way while ensuring that sufficient resources are available.

And if the first parts allow understanding the bases, Powernode quickly proves to be diabolical with networks requiring a capacity of organization and anticipation at all times. A real melodrama to exercise the brain.