New Underrated Games you can Play Online

Perfect games that did not have so much reception, many of them in the shadow of other games not so good but with better publicity. Where football and shooting games reign there may be hidden jewels, here are some:

  1. Catherine: unique in its genre, part puzzle-part social simulator, at times ridiculous, this game has charm.
  2. Darksiders: some say he is a clone of Zelda, but Darksiders has his personality.
  3. Demon’s Souls: Dark Souls ‘ predecessor, offers a real challenge because of its difficulty but the rewards are rewarding. Only real gamers will end.
  4. Dragon’s Dogma: it is not just a hybrid between Skyrim, Dark Souls & Dragon Age, this Capcom game is enveloping.
  5. Infamous 2: Super Hero or super villain? super game.
  6. Just Cause 2: Movie Action and a massive world with a lot of things to do, game on.
  7. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning: This action RPG has a lot to offer; the gameplay flows and keeps you hooked.
  8. MAG: A game like no other. A large-scale multiplayer shooter focused on teamwork and tactics.
  9. Metro: Last Light: a shooter with an intriguing story, great atmosphere, and sound controls.
  10. Mirror’s Edge: a respite to traditional FPS, is original, immersive, with good gameplay, visually appealing, short and not for all tastes.
  11. Motorstorm Pacific Rift: a wild racing game with split-screen and reliable multiplayer.
  12. Okami HD: PSN does not have Zelda, but Okami, a great game.
  13. Puppeteer: A small dark piece of art by Sony of the vast genre of platform 2D.
  14. Shadow of the Colossus: a beautiful game you should play. Point.
  15. Sleeping Dogs: a kind of GTA V set in Hong Kong, but with its personality. Good story and characters.
  16. Split Second: an explosive racing game and unique in several respects.
  17. Tekken Tag Tournament 2: PS3’s the best fighting game.
  18. Valkyria Chronicles: Perhaps the best SRPG. It’s a little joy; not only does it look good, but the strategy also dips you in and keeps you like this for hours.
  19. Vanquish a shooter without multiplayer and short, but very funny and well done.
  20. Wipeout HD: this is perhaps the most fun arcade racing game, it’s like F-Zero and Mario Kart together.
  21. Yakuza 4: adored by a few, but with a particular audience. It’s hard to get hooked, but once it’s done, you’re going to enjoy it.

2018 was one of the best years in the history of video games, by quantity, quality of titles, and some hardware pieces. However, 2019 has started strongly, thanks to the release of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Hearts 3 and many more, only in the first three months of the year.

So, considering the first quarter, what has been the best year for video game lovers? To compare the 2018 and 2019 releases, we take the average note according to the Metacritic aggregator, which takes into account the analyses of the world’s leading video game magazines.